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Ramp up your skills and your confidence with a new approach and critical thinking!


Join me (VO Instructor at Second City Training Center, Video Game Voiceover with Dominic Cianciolo, Voiceover Audition Essentials) for an intense voiceover workout at the Zoom Voiceover Gymnasium. You’ll get great coaching and constructive peer feedback. So, bring copy you want to work on, and we’ll get to work!

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The Voiceover Gymnasium with Kathleen!

  • This workout is for advanced beginners to advanced. If you're new to voiceover, check out my classes through the Second City Training Center!

    Join us and do custom exercises like Cold Read O' Rama, Crazy Face Crazy Body, Ramp Up Rhumba, Beats a Beats a, Professions, What's the Timing, and more! These custom exercises are designed to get you thinking in a new way, and getting out of your comfort zone. And, it's just darned fun!

    "My thanks to Kathleen for her ongoing efforts that are not only applauded, but are priced reasonably and easily attainable for those in need of her guidance." -Dave Leffel, Bam (Recording) Studios

    I think that your coaching was spot on and most of all it's a good ol' fashion peer critique circle with an experienced mediator and coach! It provoked some good exploration and good questions. And I think a lot of us create this mythology in our heads that "everyone else" is so slick and so much more adept than we are and it's healthy for us to be vulnerable in small groups of talented professionals! -Sam W., Grossman and Jack Talent

    “I appreciated being able to work with you and the others in a relaxed non threatening environment.” -Sia M

    "I've learned so much in the past three weeks and the nurturing, constructive atmosphere takes away all of the nervous energy I initially had and allows me to grow and learn. I've been putting everything I learned to use in my daily job and yesterday I received the biggest compliment on a commercial I produced!" -Shilynne Cole, On Air Personality

    When you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email followed by instructions the week of the gym.

    (Please note: By registering, you agree to the Terms and Conditions)

    • Level: Advanced Beginner to Advanced. (Have some training or be auditioning)
    • $20 for two hours - (See Terms and Conditions)
    • 8 ppl min and 10 max
    • First come, first served

    I have worked with five or six coaches over the past ten years, but I feel simpatico with you and your experienced and honest approach.” -Cochran Keating

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